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The Aha moment!

I had an ‘aha!’ moment recently. I had taken the role of grammarian for our recent Toastmasters meeting at Leeds (5th Jan 2012). My role involved choosing a word of the day and encouraging members to use the word of the day within their speeches or when they came to the front to speak as… Read More »

Bettakultcha – Were you there Grandpa?

“Were you there grandpa? Were you really there?” “Yes, I was there. It was cool. In fact it was more than cool. I actually took up a random slides challenge,” I replied “No way! You are kidding. Random challenge. Awesome grandpa. High five!” Wait. Let me explain. This is how I envisage telling my grandkid(s)… Read More »

From the President’s desk – December 2011

President’s Newsletter, December 2011 Dear all, As we look back on another year about to end, and a new one about to begin, it’s a good time to start thinking about our goals for 2012. For anyone who is part of Toastmasters, there’s extra incentive to think about goals which will help you to become… Read More »

What does Christmas mean to you?

‘What does Christmas mean to you?’ asked Euan our President at Leeds City Toastmasters. I was catching up with Euan after our Toastmasters meeting. I thought for a moment and replied ‘Christmas to me means – gifts, family, friends, celebrations, mince pies, fun, snow and watching movies on ITV.’ Euan smiled at my reply and… Read More »

To achieve world peace – join Toastmasters

I’m sure some of you are scratching your head, thinking – ‘this is bizarre. World Peace and Toastmasters! What is the connection?’ Trust me there is a connection. Let me try and explain. What is the cause of war/fighting in the World? No the answer is not Religion or Oil. The answer is – misunderstandings/mistrust. What… Read More »

What is your speech objective?

‘What is your speech objective?’ asked Trevor Hatib as scribbled his written evaluation in my manual. I had just delivered a speech at my club – Leeds City Toastmasters and was discussing it with my evaluator Trevor. I reflected on his question. I replied, ‘I wanted to educate the audience.’ He stopped writing and looked… Read More »