Leeds City Toastmasters 15 year anniversary

Late last year (yes, this report is late) we held a special meeting to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Leeds City Toastmasters chartering with Toastmasters International (a club charters when it gets to 20 paying members). Sadly, some people who were planning to be with us who couldn’t make it, but we still had a great time.

We decided to keep the evening informal and not to do things like a sit down dinner etc.

During the meeting we had remarks from our club President Simon, a speech about the history of Toastmasters in Yorkshire from Anthony Day (our sole remaining founding member) and a special table topics (impromptu speaking) session featuring six participants.

There were no evaluations that night and most of the usual things we say/do during meetings were – for one night only – scrapped.

But as you will see from the photos below we actually spent half our time eating and drinking and socialising and not doing anything speaking related 😉

Can I take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to Leeds City Toastmasters over the past 15 years and the legacy you have left us in the shape of a strong, healthy, supportive club.

And to say to anyone interested in joining us – you too will benefit from the hard work, dedication and good decisions of those who have gone before us (and those who serve the club now) if you too become a member.

You’re welcome to visit us for free. Click here to see when our next meeting is.

Members of the club
In discussion…
It’s not usually in cabaret style!