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Thank you Toastmasters

‘And delivering the Random slides challenge, please welcome, Dinesh Kaulgud.’ I stood up from my seat. My heart was thumping; blood rushing to my head and my hands felt a bit clammy. I went to the podium, adjusted the mike and looked at the audience. If I was scared before, I was petrified now. The… Read More »

April 2012 – From the Presidents Desk

Dear all, It’s a new month, and time for a newsletter! First of all, well done to Trevor and Michael who took part in the Area 15 International Speech and Evaluation contests in Newcastle. By all accounts, it was an excellent day out and the next round will take place on the 22nd April at… Read More »

Feb’12 – From the Presidents desk

Welcome to the President’s Newsletter for February 2012! I hope the New Year has treated you all well and that 2012 has started positively for you all. Club News Leavers First of all, I’m sorry to say that Susannah Chen has decided that she can no longer continue as a member of the club for… Read More »

Meeting Report 19th Jan 2012 by Richard McIntosh

First off, Euan Bayliss was serving as our Meet and Greet as well as Toastmaster. As always, he was friendly and chatty to guests, but in my report at the end of the meeting I offered the opinion that the club president shouldn’t be serving as Meet and Greet – they have other things they’re… Read More »

The Aha moment!

I had an ‘aha!’ moment recently. I had taken the role of grammarian for our recent Toastmasters meeting at Leeds (5th Jan 2012). My role involved choosing a word of the day and encouraging members to use the word of the day within their speeches or when they came to the front to speak as… Read More »