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Oops I made a mistake

I screwed up yesterday in the Leeds City Toastmasters meeting! Let me backtrack and explain. I was the Ah-counter for the meeting yesterday. For the guests visiting this blog – let me explain – ‘Ah-counter’ is an important role in the Toastmasters club meeting. The role involves counting the filler words used by speakers. Filler… Read More »

How to grab the listeners attention?

“Start from the middle,” said my creative writing coach. I was surprised. Not just surprised; I was stumped. Throughout my life I was taught that you always start from the beginning and then move to the middle and finally end. How can one start from the middle? I was now confused. I guess, you the… Read More »

Dramatic way to improve as a Speaker

“There is one way to dramatically improve as a Speaker,” said Michael J Clarke as we met up after the Leeds City Toastmasters Thursday meeting at Crowne Plaza. I nodded my head, I wanted to know more. There were other members talking to each other and I had cornered Michael asking for tips to improve… Read More »

How can Toastmasters evaluations help me in my daily life?

“Dinesh, how can Toastmasters evaluations help me in my daily life?” asked John as I was explaining the concept of evaluations within Toastmasters. It was a very good question. “Good question John. I am glad that you are clarifying this before thinking further about Toastmasters.” I said before elaborating. “Evaluations are the heart of Toastmasters.… Read More »

The Secret to a winning speech

“Why am I not winning speech competitions?” I asked myself. I had been taking part in Toastmasters speaking competitions for 2 years but was not progressing beyond the club level into Area, Division or even District level. Something was missing in my speaking. Something that I needed to change. The advantage of being a Toastmaster… Read More »

Why should I join Toastmasters?

“We are now starting another Public Speaking Toastmasters club in Leeds- White Rose speakers, which is planned to launch on 14th Sep 2011. Why don’t you come along?” I said to my colleague Mark. “Why should I join a Public Speaking club? It is scary, speaking in public. It seems pointless!” exclaimed my friend Mark.… Read More »