Toastmasters limerick

A limerick it is

For us, Toastmaster species


We start out quiet and meek

and then begin to love to speak


Once we begin, there is no stopping

Unless a red card someone is brandishing


Speaking one-on-one or addressing a large meeting place

It doesn’t matter cos a Toastmaster won’t hesitate


At Toastmasters – we do listening too;

And thinking on our feet also called impromptu;


we give praise and feedback too

All this and more at Toastmasters do


A good Toastmasters seeks out speaking opportunities

A good Toastmaster regularly pays the monthly fees


We live by a promise; ten points long

To a wonderful universal club, we Toastmasters belong


I’m pleased to admit that I’m one too

A Toastmaster for life; nothing else will do.