Leeds clubs shine at Area 15 contest at Hull

The Area 15 (comprising of clubs from Hull, Leeds, Doncaster, Sheffield and Cummins) was held at Holiday Express Inn, Hull on 7th Apr 2013.

Leeds clubs (White Rose Speakers and Leeds City Toastmasters) were represented by three contestants – Chris Worfolk (International speaking – Leeds City Toastmasters and Evaluation – White Rose Speakers), Erik Bentham (International Speaking – White Rose Speakers) and Dinesh Kaulgud (Evaluation Contest – Leeds City Toastmasters).

The standard at the contest was very high with some amazing speeches from the contestants. I’m proud to report that our Leeds clubs performed brilliantly and won accolades at the contest.

Chris Worfolk won the International Speaking contest. His speech was entitled ‘Easy or worthwhile’ and it was about his dreams of becoming an Astronaut as a child but settling for something easy. He mentioned that each time the International space station orbited the Earth he was reminded of his dream. So he set about overcoming his fear of enclosed spaces. Chris’s speech was full of subtle humor and delivered with superb gestures which brought the speech alive – a worthy winner.

In the Evaluation contest, first place was taken by Jamie Godfry from Doncaster Speakers, Dinesh Kaulgud (Leeds City Toastmasters) won the second place and Chris (representing White Rose Speakers) once again displayed his fine speaking skills by winning the third place in the evaluation contest.

Chris will go on to represent Leeds City Toastmasters at the Division E contest which will be held in York on 28th Apr 2013.

We wish him the very best for the Division E contest.