Bettakultcha – Were you there Grandpa?

“Were you there grandpa? Were you really there?”

“Yes, I was there. It was cool. In fact it was more than cool. I actually took up a random slides challenge,” I replied

“No way! You are kidding. Random challenge. Awesome grandpa. High five!”

Wait. Let me explain.

This is how I envisage telling my grandkid(s) about my first visit to Bettakultcha. Nope, I don’t have any kids or grandkids yet. This is just my imagination running wild after taking part in bettakultcha last night. I do imagine bettakultcha becoming a big thing with a large following because it’s such good fun.

I’m sure you are itching to ask – “So what the heck is bettakultcha?”

Bettakultcha is an event where you listen to speakers who talk about subjects which they feel passionately about.

The main ground rule is there should be no sales pitch.

The other ground rule is something which makes bettakultcha so creative and fun – you need to put together 20 slides which come on every 15 seconds until the end of your speech. It is 5 minutes of fun and learning.

Bettakultcha is organised by Ivor Tymchak and Richard Michie.

Yesterday was my first bettakultcha. It was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I listened to each speaker and was impressed with a) their wit b) their delivery and c) the topics the speakers had chosen.

The topics the speakers had chosen to speak on were varied. For example Richard MCann spoke movingly about his childhood and learning to forgive, we had Kate Fox passionately speaking about poetically tweeting, Lydia Sack with her understated delivery style was hilarious, Irna Quereshi with her talk on biscuits – class, Nigel Vardy with his hats, Martin Loves and vegmite. There were around 9 speakers and everyone was fantastic.

Then after the speeches we had the random slide challenge. This is when speakers volunteer to speak on randomly arranged slides for around 2 ½ minutes. I know this sounds easy but it’s actually very difficult. The best results are when you treat this as a speech with a clear beginning, a middle and end, however this can be difficult because you have absolutely no clue of the slide, which would come up next. Sue Everett was one of the speakers who stood out for me in the random slides challenge. She was very creative and extremely funny.

So what is it about bettakultcha that makes it a must attend event?

  1. It’s fun
  2. It is very creative
  3. If you enjoy public speaking then its excellent practice
  4. Did I mention – it’s fun

The next event is on 17th Jan 2011 – details can be found here.