How to join

Prior to joining Toastmasters, you are invited to join a meeting at Leeds City Toastmasters and/or White Rose Speakers as a guest. Come along to a meeting or two to make sure that Toastmasters can benefit you and to see which day, venue and atmosphere suits you better.

Once you are sure you want to join, we provide you with the joining and standing order forms at the club meeting. Please speak to the club’s Vice President of Membership for details.

To join you pay an initial £35 fee to cover your registration with Toastmasters International and receive access to an educational “path” which you will work through during your time at the club (additional paths to develop other skills can be bought separately). There is also a £12.50 subscription every month for your ongoing membership, which includes a copy of the monthly Toastmaster magazine.

Membership and monthly subscription fees are separate for each club but the joining fee only needs to be paid at one if you choose to join both.

…and one day this could be you, posing for the obligatory photo after becoming club president!