1st Dec 2011 – Leeds City Toastmasters Meeting Report

Leeds City Toastmasters – Meeting Report – 1st December 2011

It was another great evening. Full of fun and lots to learn and take in as well!

It was well hosted by Toastmaster – Peter Millen.

Sergeant at Arms was Pierre Moncassin. He opened the meeting at sharp 7pm.He also reminded everyone to turn mobile phones to silent, and informed everybody to ask for writing instruments if needed. He then introduced our Toastmaster for the evening – Peter Millen.

Peter Millen executed the role of Toastmasters very well. I did not realise until the meeting was over that he was doing the role for the first time. He was brilliant as a Toastmaster. His theme for the night was ‘ Because we can’.

While introducing the visitors, Peter asked them to say one sentence about themselves or why they had come to toastmasters or what they had done today. This approach made it easy and comfortable for the visitor to speak. Each visitor actually spoke about themselves without realising they were speaking in front of such a large audience!

Peter introduced the committee members in a unuique manner. He did it with humour and made it interesting. He told the audience about Toastmasters and explained the handshakes and applause. Peter used the word of the day umpteen times and kept us engaged with his humour throughout.

Our President Euan addressed the club. He mentioned that there were still 2 committee roles available of VP membership and secretary if anybody was interested in doing it and also described what the roles involved very well. Euan informed us about the new club in Huddersfield which will conduct its first meeting in Jan’2012.

Peter then introduced his team of volunteers assisting him with the roles for the night. First up was Richard McIntosh, who explained the timekeeper role very well. He gave clear indications of timings with the use of the coloured cards. He carried out his role with precision and accuracy.

Our Grammarian, was Jude Baker whose word of the day was ‘engage’. She kept the audience engaged both with her explanation of her role and the report. Another well executed role.

Our Ah Counter, was Raj Karuvattil who was doing the role for the first time. He described his role well and told the audience HOW NOT TO ENGAGE WITH FILLER WORDS! Raj provided a competent report at the end of the meeting.

We then proceeded to the formal speeches and each speaker was introduced by their evaluator. There were three formal speeches during the meeting.

First speaker was Johnny Worthington, introduced by Euan Bayliss, with his ice breaker speech from the Competent Communication manual, entitled “Past, Present and Future.” Johnny told us about his life through an emotional and engaging speech. Very well done Johnny!! Looking forward to your next speech.

Second speaker was John Fletcher, who was introduced by Johnson Tam-Lit, with the fifth speech from the Competent Communication manual entitled “The Great One”, in which he spoke about WWF champion Rock and his style of speaking. It was one GREAT SPEECH with the American accent of the Rock, brilliantly delivered.

Third was Dinesh Kaulgud, introduced by Trevor Hatib. It was first speech from advanced manual- Communicating on Television- Straight Talk, entitled “A sensitive Topic”. It was indeed a sensitive topic on Mental health issues and how it can be tackled by sharing and talking and that’s where toastmasters can be helpful in communicating. It was a televison documentary, a difficult one to deliver as unlike other speeches you don’t get to express that much.

John Fletcher won the best speaker. Congratulations John.

Since Michael Bottomley was indisposed, we had Q&A session to replace the Education session. The session was conducted by Euan Bayliss which proved to be very helpful to both visitors and members.

The second half began with the Table Topics session, run by Sussanah Chen. What a table topic it was! Indeed a very bold one and only Sussanah could have done it. She actually gave a demonstration of how the table topics would be played with one speaker coming and actually speaking on the topic and the next speaker had to propose or oppose it.

It was challenging and fun…that’s all can be said.

Pierre Moncassin won the Best Table Topic award.

Then we had the formal speech evaluations –Euan Bayliss, followed by Johnson Tam- Lit and Trevor Hatib. The table topics evaluation was done by Michael Clarke, who gave us tips on how we could characterise instead of seeing ourselves while delivering the table topic.

Jhonson Tam-Lit won the Best Evaluator award.

Finally Vaishali Naik delivered the General Evaluation of the meeting.

Euan Bayliss our President wrapped up the meeting and presented the awards.

A superb meeting, which kept us all engaged throughout the evening. It was a packed meeting – with lots of newcomers, as well as established members. It was nice to see few old members Daniel Woodwards and Johnson Tam-Lit.

The next meeting is on 15th December 2011

Written by: Dr Vaishali Naik