April 2012 – From the Presidents Desk

Dear all,

It’s a new month, and time for a newsletter!

First of all, well done to Trevor and Michael who took part in the Area 15 International Speech and Evaluation contests in Newcastle. By all accounts, it was an excellent day out and the next round will take place on the 22nd April at Kippie Lodge, Aberdeen. The day starts with lunch at 12.30pm and the contest itself continues until about 5pm.

Please see the attached flyer for more information: Division E Contest Notice

So, on to events closer to home!

Moments of Truth Themed Meeting

This Thursday (5th April) we will be holding a meeting that will differ slightly from the usual format. We will be having speakers and evaluations as normal, but all of that will take place before the break. After the break, we’ll be spending about an hour working through topics related to the Toastmasters International “Moments of Truth” documents.

The idea behind this is that we examine what we each want to get out of being part of a Toastmasters club, using a variety of criteria to determine how well we are doing, and also what we can each put in to make sure that the club serves everyone.

I have attached a chart which you can look at ahead of the meeting. In particular, if you can’t attend our meeting this time, do take time to have a look at this document and send your thoughts to me so I can take them into account. Normally at meetings, we use ‘theatre style’ seating, but this time I hope we’ll have six tables, each of which will use one of the headers from the MoT document so that everyone can get involved where they feel input is most required. Here is the document: Moments of Truth Chart

Looking Further Ahead

Related to our work on Thursday evening is our need to put together a new committee to serve the club for the year 2012/2013. Toastmasters years run from the 1st July to the 30th June each year, and we look for new people to take up roles each year.

One thing that separates Toastmasters clubs from many other organisations is that every role, whether a meeting role, a club committee role or any other, is an opportunity to learn and grow and so you aren’t expected to already be doing a similar role somewhere else – in fact we welcome people to challenge themselves by taking on a role that might be a stretch.

Here are the roles that we are looking to fill for the new year:

  • President
  • VP Education
  • VP Membership
  • VP Public Relations
  • Secretary
  • Sergeant At Arms

There is also the Treasurer role which, because of the complexity of the handover, is normally done by the same person for two years. More information about each role will be made available soon, so anyone interested can find out more and put their names forward!

That’s all for this month – hope to see you all on Thursday!

Euan Bayliss