Feb’12 – From the Presidents desk

Welcome to the President’s Newsletter for February 2012!

I hope the New Year has treated you all well and that 2012 has started positively for you all.

Club News


First of all, I’m sorry to say that Susannah Chen has decided that she can no longer continue as a member of the club for now, due to her commitments at work. I wanted to make sure that her contribution to the club is not forgotten. Table Topics will never quite be the same again – as Table Topics Master, Susannah was always ready to take the slot by the scruff of its neck and give it a good shake!

For those of you who didn’t experience Susannah’s unique style, you only need to ask those who have. She was also developing as a super speaker with her own unique style of storytelling.

Susannah, thank you, and hope to see you back at the club in the future. You’ll be missed.

We’ve also lost two other members again due to other commitments, who sadly weren’t able to make the most of their memberships – Sylvia Agbareh and Richard Oliver. Both have taken part in Table Topics and Sylvia took on a role or two but again, Sylvia and Richard, I hope you can return to the club soon.


I’m glad to say that we have new members: Stuart Eakin and William Anderson.

Stuart started in great form at the first meeting in January, getting the Best Speaker award.

For those of you planning to join in the near future, we’re having a few problems with our bank account at the moment! I hope that this will be sorted out soon, at which time we should be able to get new manuals for everyone who has joined us.

Leaders Wanted!

Although it’s five months until a new committee takes over at Leeds City Toastmasters, it’s not too early to start to think about your leadership goals.

If you love what the club has to offer, you might think about helping to keep the club running, and giving the benefits that you’ve gained to others too.

Whatever kind of role you enjoy or want to learn, there’s probably a role for you. Do you want to help publicise the club? Do you want to help make new members welcome? Do you want to help keep the club’s funds in order? Do you want to help behind the scenes? Do you want to help with the club’s education programme? Get in touch with me if you fancy helping – whatever time you can commit will be most welcome!

(also leadership roles can count towards your leadership awards too!)

Club Events

We have a couple of special events happening both inside and outside the club.

8th February – White Rose Speakers next meeting

If you can’t get enough Toastmasters, then you could always attend our sister club in Leeds, White Rose Speakers, which will be meeting next at the Jury’s Inn Hotel on Brewery Wharf. Meetings start at 7pm, just as Leeds City, and is a chance to see how another club works, as well as meet more people!

16th February – Icebreaker Speech evening

If you haven’t done your Icebreaker speech yet, this is your chance! We’ll be putting together an evening for those of you who haven’t done a speech yet. Take the plunge, get up, give a speech about yourself and you’ll be given loads of encouragement and momentum to continue.

If you have done your Icebreaker speech, but haven’t yet done an evaluation – this is a perfect chance for you to give it a go.

So – first time speakers and first time evaluators are what we’re looking for. If you fit the bill, make sure you’re at our meeting on the 16th.

1st March – International Speech and Evaluation contest

In the Spring of each year, we start the journey towards the World Championship, which takes place in the USA each year. The first round for us will take place on the 1st March at Leeds City Toastmasters.

There are two parts to the contest: the speech contest and the evaluation contest.

In order to take part in the Speech Contest you need to have reached speech 6 in the Competent Communication manual. The speech can be on any subject, and is to be between 5 and 7 minutes long.

The evaluation contest is open to all members. The contestants will each have a chance to give their own evaluation of a speech given as a model – if you would like to give the model speech, let me know. It’s an interesting experience as you get to hear your speech evaluated by a number of different people, giving you a variety of views on your speech!

To take the FA Cup as an analogy – if the Leeds City contest evening is the first round, and the World Championship in the USA as the final, then the second round (Area 15) will take place on the 25th March in Gateshead, and the third round (Division E) will take place on the 22nd April in Aberdeen.

16th June – Leeds City Toastmasters 10th Anniversary Dinner

We are getting close to finalising details for our big event to celebrate our tenth anniversary. I can confirm that the event will take place on the 16th June, in the evening – put the date in your diary now!


If you are coming to our next meeting this Thursday, don’t forget to bring your Competent Leadership manual, even if you’ve not signed up for a role at the meeting. There are (at time of writing this e-mail!) a few roles available, so have a look and take one on.

Thanks all, and hope to see you on Thursday!

Euan Bayliss – President – Leeds City Toastmasters