How Toastmasters helps all areas of your life

Toastmasters helps you develop public speaking and leadership skills. It says that on the tin. However, when you really get into it, Toastmasters offers so much more than that. It gives you the confidence to go out there and face your fears.

Eighteen months ago, I attended my first Toastmasters meeting. I didn’t realise at the time, indeed if someone had suggested it to me I would have backed away – but that was the start of an amazing journey that would lead me to be president of the club.

In that time I have developed as a speaker.

More importantly however, is that I have gained the confidence to go out and pursue my goals in life. Earlier this week I published my first book, the Leeds Restaurant Guide. Without the skills of staying focused on my goals, time management and confidence that I gained through Toastmasters, I never would have made to to the attend.

It isn’t just your presentation skills that increase when you join Toastmasters. It brings wider benefits to many other areas of your life too.