How can Toastmasters evaluations help me in my daily life?

“Dinesh, how can Toastmasters evaluations help me in my daily life?” asked John as I was explaining the concept of evaluations within Toastmasters.

It was a very good question.

“Good question John. I am glad that you are clarifying this before thinking further about Toastmasters.” I said before elaborating.

“Evaluations are the heart of Toastmasters. At Toastmasters we believe that every person is unique. Every person has strengths. Every speech has its merits. So everything that we do at Toastmasters is evaluated. The evaluation is also provided to each member who participated in a meeting. So evaluations are fresh and relevant to each individual.

Evaluations help the evaluator too. It makes the evaluator into an excellent listener. Each evaluator listens and intently watches the speaker through the evaluation process. The evaluator observes the good points and the areas of improvement for the speaker. This evaluation is then delivered as a speech. The evaluator learns to think on their feet. To present a clear and concise speech encapsulating the feedback to the speaker. To help the speaker develop their speech and make it even better. To help the leader become a better leader.

In the process of listening to speeches and delivering evaluations, the evaluator also becomes a better speaker. It’s because each time I evaluate a speech, I observe what works and does not work in a speech.

The evaluator also takes these skills into the real world. In my case my ability to contribute in meetings has increased dramatically. My ability to provide feedback to my colleagues has also improved. The net result in my case is increased confidence. Increased confidence to absorb material and classify it in a manner which makes sense to me.

So to summarise (another technique I learnt from delivering evaluations in Toastmasters meetings):

  1. The evaluator develops good listening skills
  2. The evaluator learns to think on their feet
  3. The evaluator becomes a better speaker
  4. The evaluator develops confidence in his or her abilities as a speaker and leader

So there you have it. Toastmaster evaluations can help you in daily life too. So do come along to a Toastmasters meeting and find out more.

We have two Toastmaster clubs in Leeds – Leeds City Toastmasters and White Rose Speakers.

Leeds City Toastmasters meet on 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:00pm – Crowne Plaza, Leeds

White Rose Speakers meet on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm – Jury’s Inn, Leeds.”

“Thanks Dinesh, Hope to see you at the next meeting”