2013 Speech & Evaluation Contest

Exciting close call for White Rose Speakers’ first Evaluation Contest in Wednesday 27th! Evaluating Kartik Vaidyanathan’s excellent, interesting and funny speech entitled “What’s in a Name”, our VPE Chris Worfolk took first place and will represent White Rose at the Area Contest in Hull on 7th April. He was closely followed by runners-up Jerry Craggs and Sam Sykes.

Strict adherence to Toastmasters ever-evolving contest rules and the withdrawal of candidates left us unable to hold a Speech Contest. Not to be held back by such minor inconveniences we had a fun Speech Showcase and our very own Erik Bentham was nominated to represent us in the Area International Speech Contest.

Well done to all those who participated and many thanks to the team of Judges, Counters and Organisers.

Welcome to White Rose Speakers! Chris Worfolk, Evalustion Contest 1st Place White Rose's First Evaluation Contest