To achieve world peace – join Toastmasters

I’m sure some of you are scratching your head, thinking – ‘this is bizarre. World Peace and Toastmasters! What is the connection?’

Trust me there is a connection.

Let me try and explain.

What is the cause of war/fighting in the World? No the answer is not Religion or Oil.

The answer is – misunderstandings/mistrust.

What is the cause of misunderstandings/mistrust?

The answer is – miscommunication.

How do we overcome issues in miscommunication?

–          By developing our communication skills.

You say, ‘yes, I understand that. But I’m already a good speaker, so why should I join Toastmasters?’

–          Because at Toastmasters we improve our listening skills;

–          We also practice providing feedback in an honest and positive manner and;

–          We improve our leadership skills too.

At Toastmasters, we believe that communication is our responsibility. We take that responsibility seriously and practice to improve our communication skills. We don’t believe that having spoken our objective is achieved. No! We work at understanding and being understood. So we practice speaking and then we practice listening. We understand that, as we take ownership of our communication, we are transformed into leaders. Our thinking and decision making skills improve. Our confidence improves and we begin to lead a fulfilled life.

So you can see – when you join Toastmasters – you become a better person and – the world becomes a better place and – finally (with a sigh) the objective of World peace can be achieved.

If you are interested in World peace (I mean developing your leadership and communication skills), please join us at our next meeting.

We have two Toastmasters clubs in Leeds – Leeds City Toastmasters (1st and 3rd Thursday at Crowne Plaza hotel @7:00pm) and White Rose Speakers (2nd and 4th Wednesdays – Jury’s inn hotel @7:00pm) – you are welcome to visit and watch Toastmasters in action.