A Typical Meeting

You’re welcome to come along as a guest to any Toastmasters meeting. You can even visit us several times if you want to help you decide if Toastmasters is for you or not! At any meeting you will find a warm welcome and plenty of encouragement – there is no criticism at Toastmasters, only positive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

A typical meeting will consist of the following…

People arrive from 6:45pm to sign in and network. The Sergeant at Arms will then call the meeting to order at exactly 7:00pm.

The Toastmaster for the evening (we have a different one each time) will begin by introducing the meeting and the people who will be helping them run it – including the time keeper, grammarian and ah counter.

There will be prepared speeches – these are usually seven minutes each by members who are working through the Toastmasters educational programme.

There will be impromptu speaking, known as Table Topics, in which you are given a topic and asked to try and speak on it for one to two minutes! This is a great deal of fun and guests are encouraged to give it go (though it’s entirely optional of course).

There is also evaluation – the powerhouse of Toastmasters – in which people will be commended for what they have done well, and given suggestions as to where they could improve. At Toastmasters, we evaluate everything to ensure everyone is learning and moving forward – we even evaluate the evaluators!

Meetings will usually finish by 9:30pm at the latest, and include a 15/20 minute comfort break half way through.

We also have democracy and at each meeting vote for the best speaker, evaluator and table topics speaker, who each get a ribbon!